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The Toyota Soarer 3rd Generation (Mk3) - 1991-2001

Soarer Mk 3


Model Designations:

Soarer 2.5GT-T JZZ30-ACMVZ 1JZ-GTE
Soarer 2.5GT-T JZZ30-ACPVZ 1JZ-GTE
Soarer 2.5GT-T-L JZZ30-ACPZZ 1JZ-GTE
Soarer 2.5GT-T-L JZZ30-ACMZZ 1JZ-GTE

Soarer 3.0GT JZZ31-ACPVF 2JZ-GE
Soarer 3.0GT-G JZZ31-ACPVF(G) 2JZ-GE
Soarer 3.0GT-S JZZ31-ACPVF(S) 2JZ-GE

Soarer 4.0GT (coil susp.) UZZ30-ACPVK 1UZ-FE
Soarer 4.0GT (air susp.) UZZ31-ACPZK 1UZ-FE
Soarer 4.0GT c/w GPS (air susp.) UZZ31-ACPZK(X) 1UZ-FE
Soarer 4.0GT (active susp.) UZZ32-ACPZK 1UZ-FE

Toyota Soarer Dimensions


Exterior Length mm 4,860
Exterior Width mm 1,790
Exterior Height mm 1,350
Interior Length mm 1,825
Interior Width mm 1,490
Interior Height mm 1,110
Wheelbase mm 2,690
Front Track mm 1,520
Rear Track mm 1,520
Ground Clearance mm 150




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