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Thread: What kind of M90 to get for V8 UZZ31?

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    What kind of M90 to get for V8 UZZ31?

    Hello chaps! I'm looking to perk the Soarer up a little bit after this crazy old woman in a 4 cylinder hatchback beat me from take-off at the lights. Highly embarrassing.

    I'm checking out some pre owned M90 superchargers that are available locally here in Australia and notice they come in different snout sizes and pulley sizes.
    I've got a couple of questions if anyone could lend a hand.

    Am I correct in understanding that the only mod needed to install the M90 supercharger is a manifold and fuel pressure regulator, and the car's engine, transmission, and ECU will otherwise compensate if running 6psi or under?

    What size snout and pulley do I need on the M90 supercharger? I've heard a 2.9" pulley will give roughly 6psi on the M90. No idea of snout length.

    I'm looking at running 6psi or so on an otherwise stock V8. I hear there will be no issues at 6psi or under.

    Which cars have a supercharger with the correct pulley size and snout length for the Soarer. This might be easier than hunting for the correct M90?

    With an M90 running 6psi, what would the torque and horsepower figures of the Soarer be, and what would the 0-100km/0-60mph times be roughly?

    Help much appreciated.
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