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Thread: Uzz32 0001825 for sale

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    Uzz32 0001825 for sale

    A very sad day for me, I have sorted the car to a very high standard with the help of Steve Smith (I had a very good start plus continued help). But the time has come to find a new custodian.
    Lazarus is now in very good condition.
    When I bought the car from Steve 2 years ago it had been resprayed and polished. It had a new alternator and all the suspension legs rebuilt. among many other jobs Steve completed before I picked it up.
    In the time up to now I have fitted a new rad, rear discs and pads, front pads, all callipers resealed, new brake accumulator, cam belt and all rollers and tensioner, water pump at the same time completed at SSS. Refurbished the wheels and fitted 4 new tyres (Michelin) All other belts, Distributor caps and rotor arms, plug leads and plugs. Power steering cooler, EMV, amplifier and a new front spoiler. 2 weeks ago I fitted 3 engine/gearbox mounts.
    The CD player still works.
    I have delimited the cruise control but not the top speed limit 112 mph. The speedo is in Km and I have a spare speedo after repairing and fitting the original back in. The milometer has a mind of it's own but I estimate total mileage at around 120000. It has HID headlamps, MOT until 28 October. The aircon is excellent. It has just been serviced with all filters changed including fuel.Name:  DSCF2079.jpg
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    I'm sure there is much more.
    The car drives fabulous and I will be very sorry to see it go.
    I'm looking for around 4000ono, I think it is a bargain not to mention 32's hardly ever come up for sale so it is a rare chance to aquire a well sorted car. I am not in a rush and viewing will be from next week end onwards as I am using it to go to Scotland.
    Please tel 07841 700394 for any further details. mail

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    This must be one of the best sorted Actives in the country.

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