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Power wise you will be restricted by the stock injector size , but around 350 plus hp , larger injectors and you will need some ecu change (piggyback or new ecu ) then more output from the fuel pump , with some stress on the turbo you might get 400 hp ,but now your gearbox will fail ( much depends on driving style)
gearbox wise you can hybrid the stock one with a supra one (stronger clutch packs) so 500 possible with a faster shift / higher pressure ,by far the best but most expensive option (circa 13000 pounds) is to fit the M3 DCT with clutch upgrade ,this gives you the fastest shift times and a modern 7 speed dual clutch but needs a new electric throttle body controlled by the new ECU - its only money ,spend it, lol
Lol. I was thinking of a r154 swap or maybe a 350z gearbox.. Or even get an upgrade kit for the stock one. I was told my car had the Supra box (the ecu controlled one), don't know for sure though. All i know is i don't have a kickdown cable and it shifts very fast compared to the tt ones i have driven.

About the cartridge my mechanic told me he got it from toyota japan over a friend he has there. I don't have any more info about it, sorry.