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Thread: The Soarer Registry.

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    The Soarer Registry.

    This is an idea I had about each specific Soarer.

    Being as most of them are coming up to 15 years old they all have some history.

    If you wanted to buy a car you could look here to see who owned it previously, what modifications were made to it and what the miles were etc before you buy it.

    Or If you have one that is your pride and joy and you have spent many thousands of pounds turning it into “your car” then here is where to put all that information.

    One other thing this section is going to be good for is to see where your car is in line with all the other Soarer’s that were made, a bit like Pete Scots list of UZZ32 on his site.
    I have spoken to Pete Scot and he has given me permission to copy all his 32 information to this section of Soarer world.

    The only difference being is that each owner will be able to edit his own details of his car as and when changes are made.
    So this section isnt about you, it is all about the car.

    I dont know how hard this is going to be to sort out, and this is the reason why it has taken so long to get this section live on Soarer World.
    All we can do is try and add whatever information we have and let’s see if we can get it to work.

    This section is NOT for conversations at all, so please dont start any here, this section is ONLY for information on your specific car, there is a thread in Smiffie room for conversations about this section, please post your comments there and only there, general chit chat will be removed from this section.

    The ONLY thread names that will be allowed to stay will be the ones that start with the chassis number of your car.

    Loaded’s number is UZZ31-0008945. This is the name of the thread that has everything in it that I have done to loaded.

    I dont know if it is possible but I will try to move the thread about so all the numbers are sequential and this will enable you to see what car was made before/after your one and all the details of that car.
    If this works we will have a complete list of all the Soarer’s left on the planet, or at least all those that we are aware of.

    I am going to hunt down every thread I ever started about Loaded and add those links to the chassis number thread, including the paint work, the Supercharger fitting, the playstation fitting, the wheels, the other 4 paint jobs, and everything else I can find, even when I sold it and bought it back again and finally the work I have done to it since I bought it back.

    A complete history from when I first bought it to date, adding anything I do to it in the future.

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