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Toyota Aristo or Lexus GS 300 / 430

Toyota Aristo or Lexus GS

Toyota Aristo or Lexus GS First Generation - 1991 to 1997

Toyota Aristo 1st Generation

The Toyota Aristo debuted in Japan in late 1991. Designed by the hand of Giorgetto Giugiaro at the famous Ital Design Studio in Italy its concept was to be the 'new' shape of saloons for the 1990's. It was also Toyota's first large sized sport saloon. The monocoque body and double wishbone suspension was needed for the Aristo as the engines chosen to power the new car included the 230hp 3.0-litre 2JZ-GE and the even more powerful 280hp 3.0-litre turbo'd 2JZ-GTE Vertex model. During its production run a 4.0-litre 260hp V8 1UZ-FE model was added, the "Zi-Four" , complete with 4-wheel steering. For the world market it was branded as the Lexus GS300, it had to compete with the four door saloons from the top marques from Europe and America, even so it quickly took its place amongst the best.

Toyota Aristo or Lexus GS First Generation - 1997 to 2006

Toyota Aristo Second Generation

Introduced in 1997, the 2nd 'generation' builds futher on its deserved reputation, the power and level of response are among the best in this class. Designed in-house by Akihiro Nagaya, the new model is transformed with a sportier and more agressive 'stance'. The overhang at each corner is reduced and the wheelbase is extended not only improving the road handling but increasing the interior cabin space. The same engines as for the previous model continue but they are the new generation vvti (Variable Valve Timing – intelligent) . Other new technology also takes its place as the car is upgraded, including vehicle stability controls like VSC and ARS. The 'Vertex' turbo model also has the option of "F1" style gear change 'padels' added to the steering wheel. A saloon car with excellent performance for the new century .

Released in August of 1997 the Aristo "16" is the second generation of the Toyota Aristo marque. Subtle design changes give the Aristo a more curved yet agressive appearance. Further improvements have been made in the cars safety, including 'Vehicle Stablity Control (VSC)' and 'Active Rear Steer' (ARS)' as well as increasing the interior safety with side air bags for both driver and passenger.

Toyota Aristo Engines

The new model also saw improvements to the 3ltr engines used. Both engine types, turbo and normally aspirated (NA), now use a continual variable valve timing mechanism (VVT-i). Though, officialy, no extra horsepower both engines produce greater 'torque' at lower engine rev speeds


The inline 6 2JZ-GTE engine as featured in both generations is a firm favourite amongst the Japanese 'tuning' companies. The 'stock' 280hp from this powerful turbo engine is soon increased by massive amounts with examples like the 600hp Abflug model to the 800hp Blitz tuning kit. The power increases are achieved through the addition of larger aftermarket turbos, engine control units, modified cam shafts, straight through exhausts. Suspension improvements, lowered springs, LSDs and uprated brakes were all needed to cope with these vast increases in power. In fact an endless list of aftermarket products are available for both the 1st generation and 2nd generation car from the biggest and best tuning houses in Japan, Greddy, HKS and Apexi to name just three. Not forgetting the amazing body kits available from "C-One", "Wald" and many others that further emphasise the already agressive looks.


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